Show Them Where You Stand With Our Political T Shirts
Why let Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow have all the fun? Whether you lean more red than blue, or vice versa, get in the political fray with one of our tshirts. We tackle gun control, immigration law, taxes and just general Washington nonsense. A vote for us is a vote for some pretty slick (and sick) shirts.
Why Be Politically Correct When You Can Be Right T-shirt
Good Things Come To Those Who Go Out And Earn Them T-shirt
Guns Don't Kill People, Dads With Pretty Daughters Kill People T-shirt
Contrary To Popular Belief Nobody Owes You Anything T-shirt
Try Stepping On This One T-shirt
Government Is The Problem Ronald Reagan T-shirt (White Ink)
Government Is The Problem Ronald Reagan T-shirt
At Least The War On The Middle Class Is Going Well T-shirt
Back In The 80's We Had Ronald Reagan T-shirt
I Am The Future Of America, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid T-shirt
Are There Too Many Illegal Aliens In The United States T-shirt
At Bad Idea T Shirts, our commitment to quality shows in everything we do. While our t shirt designs are meant to be funny, thought-provoking and even downright offensive, we are quite serious about our business and our reputation. To this end, you’ll find we deliver these things with every order:

Only the best in t shirts – We use Gildan t shirts for most of our designs because this company’s attention to detail and affordability impress us. Our t shirt designs are made on 100 percent, heavy duty cotton shells that are meant to stand up to wear. To ensure graphics that last, we professionally silk screen your design choice on your selected t shirt.

Customization possibilities – While your political message will no doubt give you a t shirt that will turn heads, we want you to be able to customize your selection further. To this end, we offer you a selection of styles, including tanks, regular tees, ring shirts and more. We even have hoodies for your wearing pleasure. To add to the customization experience, we also let you choose your color. Our shirts are pre-shrunk and are true to size, too.

Incredible convenience – Ordering funny shirts from us couldn’t be easier. All of our novelty t shirts are available for online ordering and shipping right to your door. We provide international delivery, too, for our customers who live beyond America’s borders. Shipping costs vary, but we work hard to keep them as low as possible.

Satisfaction – Your happiness with your order is important to us. To make sure you’re satisfied, we offer a generous return and refund policy. While we’re sure you will not be disappointed with our funny t shirts, we do want you to know we stand behind what we produce. Plus, if an error is made on our part, we’ll fix it right away. We believe in delivering hassle-free, exceptional service.

An unbelievable selection – We have more than 1,000 t shirt designs available at any given time. From political t shirts to seasonal items and beyond, our selection is hard to top. If you have an idea for a shirt that we don’t already make, just let us know by email. While we don’t pay for recommendation, we just might turn your idea into a t shirt.
If you’re ready to share your political leanings with the world, we’ve got the t shirts you’re after. From party-specific messages to commentary on today’s hottest issues, we have the novelty t shirts you need to make sure your message gets out loud and clear. Star Spangled Shirts Intro: Uncle Sam wants you--to wear one of Bad Idea’s really awesome political tshirts! Quality: Our tshirts are made of heavy-duty, 100 percent cotton with professionally silk-screened text and images. They’ll see you from one administration to the next--they’re that strong. Selection: Congress has hundreds of seats--and we have hundreds of tshirts. There’s one to suit you, no matter what your political persuasion. More patriotic than political? We have shirts like “Made in the U.S.A.” that let the world know you’re proud to be American regardless of where you stand on Obama or the debt ceiling. Policy: It’s hard to get rid of an elected official you’re not happy with. But if for some reason you’re not pleased with your order, no problem, just let us know and we’ll set things right. Imagine how fabulous things would be if Washington had a return and exchange policy! Outro: The ayes have it! When it comes to political tshirts, Bad Idea is the clear winner.
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