Wear Laughter On Your Chest With Our TV And Movie T Shirts
The movie may be over but our awesome tshirts let the lines live on. Keep all those classic phrases and quotes (“Shitter’s Full” is an all-time favorite) on the tip of your tongue--and the front of your chest--with a Bad Idea Tshirt.
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I'm Fine Zombie T-shirt
I Had Friends On That Death Star T-shirt
I Like You But If Zombies Chase Us, I'm Tripping You T-shirt (White Ink)
The Hardest Part About A Zombie Apocalypse Will Be Pretending I'm Not Excited T-shirt
Shitter's Full T-shirt (White Ink)
Festivus For The Rest Of Us T-shirt
Shitter's Full Movie T-shirt
Christmas Vacation Movie Quote T-shirt
Cool Story Babe, Now Go Make Me A Sandwich T-shirt (White Ink)
Griswold Christmas, Where Are You Going To Put A Christmas Tree That Big T-shirt
Here I Am, Now What Are Your Other 2 Wishes T-shirt
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At Bad Idea T Shirts, we specialize in making clothing more fun. Our line of novelty t shirts includes a variety of items that are dedicated to movies and television shows of the past and present. From “Seinfeld” and “Deliverance” to “The Hangover” and beyond, our collection includes pop culture references that are sure make you, your friends and even total strangers laugh.

Bad Idea T Shirts is a leader in the industry for many reasons. While all of our t shirts are funny, we’re straight laced about conducting our business right. To this end, you can count on us to deliver:

Incredible quality – At Bad Idea T Shirts, we don’t want you to order one t shirt and never come back. To make sure you’re satisfied with your order, we go to great lengths to ensure quality. All of our funny t shirts are 100 percent cotton. They’re made for heavy duty durability, too. Most of our designs are professionally silk screened on Gildan t shirts, because they offer the quality we’re after and the affordability you want. To make sure satisfaction goes along with every purchase, we also make sure our funny shirts are pre-shrunk and are true to size.

A fantastic selection – With well over 1,000 novelty t shirts in our line and more added all the time, you’re sure to find the designs you’re after. If for some reason you don’t, we even encourage our customers to offer up their suggestions by email. Just remember, we don’t pay for submissions. Still, if your idea is good enough, we’ll turn it into a Bad Idea t shirt. How cool is that?

Customization choice – Not everyone likes the exact same t shirt styles. We understand this and make sure to oblige. Order from us and you can select your design style, size and even color. Our selection includes standard shirts, tanks, baby dolls for the ladies and even hoodies.

Extreme convenience – Try looking for funny t shirts as hysterical as ours in typical stores, and you won’t find the variety, style or sheer number of options. We make it easy to browse hundreds of options and place an order without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Plus, we offer fast shipping right to your door. We even offer international shipping and provide a liberal refund and exchange policy to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.

When you want to share your favorite lines or shows with the world, our t shirt collection will help you get the job done right. At Bad Idea T Shirts, we have the funny t shirts you’re after at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Just browse our selection and see for yourself why ordering from us is never a bad idea.
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