Best 8 Funny Halloween T-shirts in 2021

Spooky shirts to get you ready for the fall festivities! 

An anticipated occasion: 

With the arrival of fall, you can expect to find pumpkin spiced lattes, sweater weather, and sparse trees wherever you turn to but that is not all. At the heart of fall lies one of the most anticipated holidays of the season. Yes, you guessed it: Halloween! This day is spent in spooky costume attire with family and friends. 

On this day, you are either a tricker or a treater, yet there is equal comfort in both. To play our part in the festivities of this fall, Bad Idea T-shirts would like to commemorate a very special line in its honor. Our scary and funny Halloween T-shirt collection is here to revive your spirit so that you can take full ownership of the preparation and celebration of this day. Whether it’s a Pumpkin T-shirt that speaks to you or a Jack-o-Lantern one, we want to help you find the coolest Halloween shirt to add to your wardrobe. Here are some of the 8 funny Halloween T-shirts for men, women, and children that you need to get your hands on ASAP! 

A tee for every sentiment: 

Our vast collection boasts a variety of different funny best Halloween T-shirts for adults and adolescents to choose from. This can be both a blessing and a challenge because the more options there are, the harder it becomes to pick just one. This is precisely why we want to give you a rundown of our top picks within the collection so that you can easily weigh out different options. Consult our list before placing your order because your future self will thank you! 

For the love of Halloween: 

I love Halloween

This quirky and funny Halloween T-shirt for women and men cuts straight to the chase. The point is to convey your sentiments to onlookers right away and let people know how much this occasion really means to you. For those who yearn to find ways to proclaim their spooky traditions, a cool Halloween shirt like this will do all the talking for you. Clothing is a unique medium that sets us apart from the crowd and having a tee in your wardrobe that best expresses your deepest feelings can be just what you’ve needed all along! 

I Love Halloween t-shirts - Best Halloween T-shirts - Bad Idea T-shirts

Make Halloween Great Again

Each Halloween is not quite the same as the previous year’s and that in itself can pose a lot of expectations for the years to come. As we say hello to new trends, it is equally important to not cut ourselves off from time-held traditions. These celebrations must stay consistent so that the generations to come can reap the benefits and goodwill of this important day. For those of us who work tirelessly to keep this spooky celebration going, nothing could compare more than the addition of this tee in their wardrobe. Before, during, or after Halloween--no matter what--this shirt will always be relevant!

Make Halloween Great Again - Best Halloween T-shirts - Bad Idea T-shirts

For the ultimate tricksters: 

I’m scary enough without a costume

After years and years of playing dress-up, finding the perfect costume can become both taxing and boring for some of us. A lot of us grow out of wearing themed outfits and need other ways to stay in character. This is precisely where our hilarious tee comes in! Our captioned, adult best Halloween shirt is the perfect way to stay grounded in the festivities while staying true to one’s personality. It’s also a creative way to show people how funny you are! Trust us, with this shirt on, no one will be giving you any beef for not wearing a costume. And in case they do, isn’t that all part of the fun? 

I'm Scary Enough Without A Costume - Best Halloween T-shirts - Bad Idea T-shirts

I’m just here for the boos

We all know a serial joker in our friend or family group for whom this funny Halloween T-shirt is made specially. For those jokers who can’t stop partaking in the festivities but also can’t stop making fun of it, this shirt is exactly what they need. This Halloween friend's shirt is the perfect present for the loved one who wants to skip the small talk and get straight to the point. It also keeps them in the loop so they fit in with the rest of the crowd.

I'm Just Here For The Boos - Bad Idea T-shirts - Bad Idea T-shirts

For the annoying treaters: 

No questions - Just put the candy in the bag

Let’s be real, a great part of this tradition’s fun is in the candy that one can collect. This sentiment is especially true for children (and some adults!) who can’t quite quit the habit. If there was a perfect Halloween shirt for kids, our bets would be on this one! It puts you into a child’s shoes and lets you take their demands a lot more seriously. Time spent trick or treating should yield tonnes of candy, so getting straight to the point is part of this tee’s job description.

No Questions Just Put The Candy In The Bag - Best Halloween T-shirts - Bad Idea T-shirts

Let’s get sheet-faced 

The double meaning in this caption does not go unnoticed but it does serve a very significant purpose. This tee is here to tell the world how down you are to party while staying true to the Halloween spirit. As we age, we need more options to state exactly how we feel without compromising our integrity. Some of the most basic costumes we could muster as children were simple sheet masks and this tee serves as the ultimate throwback to wear to your next spooky party.

 Let's Get Sheet Faced - Best Halloween T-shirts - Bad Idea T-shirts

For the in-betweeners: 

Keep Calm and Scare on

This special day would remain incomplete without its spooky elements which is why we have a shirt that cuts straight to the chase. If your costume for this season is nonchalance, then you have chosen the right outfit. It’s important to own your integrity and if that means wearing a scary best Halloween T-shirt that tells the people around you how you could not care about dressing up any less, then you have come to the right place. It’s high time Halloween was a welcoming day for both costume and non-costume wearers! 

Keep Calm And Scare On - Best Halloween T-shirts - Bad Idea T-shirts

I kidnap trick or treaters

On this day, you are expected to fall in with either trick or treaters. However, at times, you can find difficulty relating to either. In the name of diversity, it is important to keep an open mind and this funny Halloween T-shirt does exactly that! This outfit sends the message to all the costume wearers in your vicinity that you are a (hilarious) force to be reckoned with. Say goodbye to the folks who make you feel bad about dressing up because whoever said you can’t be threatening and funny hasn’t read this graphic tee!

I Kidnap Trick Or Treaters - Best Halloween T-shirts - Bad Idea T-shirts

Boo-fore you go! 

With so many different, quirky, and funny Halloween T-shirts to choose from, it can be challenging to settle on just one. Our parting advice would be to think about who you are getting it for and what theme captures their Halloween spirit. For loved ones who look forward to this occasion, there's nothing like an “I love Halloween'' T-shirt! And for friends who can’t quit making jokes, a punny tee like “I’m just here for the boos” will be a show-stopper. Lastly, if all else fails and you still find yourself deciding between a few options, just get them all! After all, Candy Corn shirts are corny for a reason.
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