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Life is far too short to be serious all the time. Of course, making a living is something to be proud of. However, knowing when to take some much-needed time off from our stressful routines is just as important if not more. At Bad Idea T-shirts, we have taken this sentiment to heart. Our Party T-shirt range is here to remind you just what you need to do to blow off some steam after a stressful day at work. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a night in with yourself, these Party on T-shirts will make your evening extra special. Our inclusive T-shirt designs have something to offer everyone. Here are the themes we have in store:

Alcohol T-shirts
One of the most exciting milestones in each of our lives is the day we first got drunk with friends. And having a group of friends one can feel comfortable drinking with is something to rejoice over. With our wine and beer T-shirts, we hope to solidify this point of view. Wearing a relatable women’s or men’s beer T-shirt can be just what you need to hallmark an important occasion. Find with us your next funny drinking shirt saying:
Alcohol you later
“Text Everyone” - Alcohol
Does this shirt make me look drunk?
In a relationship with alcohol and bad choices
I’m drunk and you’re still ugly
There’s too much blood in my alcohol system

Stoner T-shirts
Everyone can agree on the fact that all memorable parties are the ones we can barely remember. For some of us, there is nothing that can compare to the euphoria that accompanies an expertly rolled joint. Our 420 T-shirts in this department do well to take the edge off. Wear one of our party T-shirts to get together with friends and loved ones so that you all can enjoy a break away from reality. Trust us, you’ll be thanking us later. Here’s
what we have to offer:
Four Twenty clock
You had me at weed
Smoke weed everyday
Share the joy, I mean joint
Nobody knows I’m high right now...
Come to the dark side, we have weed

Holiday T-shirts
What more could a traditional festivity with loved ones need? Well, we think a party T-shirt that creatively showcases our holiday cheer, as well as our love for partying, can do just the trick. These holiday-themed best T-shirt designs are bestsellers in times of celebration. The relatable captions on our quirky shirts are just what you need to spread some much-needed cheer around. Here are some of our personal favorites:
If you can’t be jolly, at least be drunk
The Griswald Family Christmas Tree
Kiss me, I’m Highrish
Ho Ho holy shit, I’m drunk
Trick or Beer
So Irish my liver hurts
V is for Vodka

Funny T-shirts
Although each of the shirts we have in our collection successfully provides joy, our funny T-shirts within this range go one step further. Let these comical party T-shirts do all the talking for you. These quirky pieces will convey just how approachable you can be even when you can’t keep a straight face. We believe it is important to both laugh and be laughed at, so wear these shirts to your next bar crawl. Trust us, you won’t be going back home alone. Here are some of our funniest picks:
Friends Don't Let Friends Drink And Derive
Drunk girls love me
Blackout loading, please wait
I am currently in the planning stages of a hangover
Support your local bartender
Sometimes My Terrible Life Decisions Look Like Fantastic Drinking Opportunities
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