Buy 3 get 12 FREE

The offer starts to go into effect at 2 shirts. Full discount is applied at 15 shirts. LOOK AT THE SUMMARY TO SEE YOUR DISCOUNT BEING APPLIED.

Buy 3 get 12 FREE is good WORLDWIDE. The DEAL - PUT 15 in the cart (or more) and check out....READ ON!!! BUY 3 GET 12 FREE PROMOTION ends MIDNIGHT HAWAII TIME (to allow to later time zones to check out -- IF YOU SEE THE BANNER, THE DEAL IS STILL ACTIVE) - PLEASE read everything. NO PROMO CODES NEEDED....Just put 15 shirts (or more) in the cart.... No gimmicks!

Here is the deal...You will have 240.00 deducted from your order when you order 15 shirts (add more for additional discounts), PUT 15 in the cart to get the discount applied. The FULL AMOUNT doesn't applied until 15 are in there.

YES! They can be different designs, styles, sizes and colors, pick any 4 shirts/hoodies, etc. *IMPORTANT*: The additional cost of some colors, plus sizes and certain styles (like American Apparel, Baby Dolls, Hoodies, etc.) will not be deducted. It is 12 FREE basic tees which equals a $240.00 This is an option we offer due to request of people wanting more than just a regular tee.

Max discount is $240 unless you add more than 15 than the discount continues.