10 Best Funny Quotes T-Shirts 2021

There is no doubt that the past year has been like a scary rollercoaster ride. So this year, let's try to lighten things up, and what is the best way of doing so, you might ask? Funny quotes T-shirts! A little humor doesn't hurt anyone. While it's easy to say that it is "just a shirt", these shirts will surely bring a positive change in not just you but anyone reading it. You never know what a funny quote on your shirt could potentially make someone's day. Something as simple as a tee shirt with funny sayings could crack a person up!

A prevalent quote says that laughter is the best medicine. Our everyday lives are stressful and filled with work and mundane tasks; a little comedy will brighten up one's day. Humor acts as a form of escapism from their tiring work and lets in a long-awaited relief. At Bad Idea T-shirts, we make sure that we put a smile on your face. As in the end, life is too short not to smile more!


Why should you buy them?

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy funny quotes t-shirts. They not only make people laugh but elevate your wardrobe by a considerable margin. It adds a different touch to it and showcases the type of person you are. Majority of the people are looking to buy funny quotes t-shirts online as it depicts a sarcastically funny and comedic side of the person's personality. Your favorite funny quote on a t-shirt might help you find people who have the same humor as you. This way, you are not representing your quirky side but are also meeting like-minded people.

We have a wide range of funny quotes t-shirts from which you can choose the one you think best suits your personality. These shirts can be used as the perfect birthday present, or you can buy them for yourself as a staple in your closet. Either way, they are perfect for both formal as well as informal gatherings. Check out our ten best funny quotes T-shirts for 2021 listed below for both men and women.


  1. A Day Without Beer Probably Won't Kill Me, But Why Take The Chance?

If you want to buy t-shirts with funny quotes, then you should think about getting this one! This shirt is perfect for someone who is a passionate beer drinker. A little sarcasm and humor, but add their favorite drink to it, and you have yourself a great birthday present for a beer lover!

This shirt is the perfect gift and something that you can get for yourself and make your friends laugh. An excellent ice breaker. You are probably not living the whole 'beer experience' if you don't have the perfect shirt for it. But worry not! Get this shirt, and you are sorted.




  1.   2021 Let's Try Not F**king This One Up

Funny yet profound, this shirt is very in right now because of the ongoing pandemic. 2020 was a challenging and complicated year for everyone; who doesn't want things to go back to normal? This shirt is what you need to lighten up the mood.

Everyone needs a little humor in their lives. You can make people forget about the horrible year we had with funny t-shirt slogans such as this one. If you are staying up to date with recent events, you would know that this shirt is not only funny but also on-trend.

  1.   2020 Stay Away from Negative People 2021 Stay Away from Positive People

Insinuations can be very funny if done right, and this shirt passed with flying colors! If you want to buy t-shirts with funny quotes written on them, I would suggest looking at this one. This shirt would be the perfect gift for antisocial people who like to keep everything to themselves.

Apart from getting it as a gift, you can buy it for yourself too and put a smile on people's faces. This shirt will indeed have many people crack up. So, if you don't have it, get one right now!

  1.   174 Ba Bacon Yum

It doesn't matter if you are cute and charming or sarcastic and geeky; this shirt is perfect for anyone. We have the best t-shirts quotes ever. They are not only fun but will make you look fabulous as well. This shirt is perfect for a casual day out, whether it's binge-watching movies on the couch or relaxing at your home.

This funny quote t-shirt is the perfect present for any event. You can gift it to anyone, maybe to your biology teacher as a token of appreciation, your chemistry class fellow, or even your nerdy friend. This funny science t-shirt will win all their hearts.

  1.   An Apple A Day Will Keep Anyone Away If Thrown Hard Enough

Who doesn't like a good sarcastic joke? If you have a sarcastic sense of humor, you are going to love this shirt! It has the perfect amount of comedy and sarcasm that will make everyone laugh. So get this shirt, and you will indeed become the center of attention.

One can never go wrong with sarcastic t-shirt sayings. If someone wants to come off as a sassy yet funny person, this shirt perfectly fits the bill. So, if you want a comedic yet sarcastic t-shirt, now is your chance to get one!

  1.   Animals Taste Good

Like anything else in this world, there is one category that you can never forget – meat lovers! If you are obsessed with eating meat, then we might have just found your next favorite shirt. But, of course, a direct and small quote makes the shirt even funnier.

It is amusing to see how a tee shirt with funny sayings can crack someone up, and this shirt does just that. For anyone who is a passionate food critique will surely admire such funny shirt quotes.

  1.   Ammo Is Expensive Do Not Expect A Warning Shot

Buying funny quotes t-shirts online can quickly become a hassle. You see a design online but can get a completely different one. To skip through all the trouble, getting funny quotes t-shirts will never disappoint. If you are on the hunt to find the perfect shirt, then look no further. This shirt probably has the best t-shirt quotes ever! With a witty play of words, it will put a smile on anyone's face.

If you are fond of guns and shooting, you are probably waiting for the perfect gun related shirt to show up. But look no further as you have stumbled upon the perfect option. Name a better way to showcase your love for meat than getting this funny quote t-shirt!

  1.   Alcohol Survival Juice

We can’t have a complete list of funny quotes t-shirt without adding one for our alcohol lovers. Don't worry; we got you. If you have a friend who enjoys alcohol thoroughly, then you just found yourself the perfect birthday present. This shirt is perfect for dedicated alcoholic fanatics.

A little laugh is what everyone craves in their lives. So get this shirt, and you'll be spreading smiles all around you! What more can one ask?

  1. A Salt with A Deadly Weapon

Illustrated tee shirts have recently become the hottest trend. Every fashion-focused person believes that a graphic t-shirt is a staple. You may think that it can't get any more perfect than this, but we are here to prove you wrong. Adding some humor to an already great t-shirt is what makes this shirt even more special.

This shirt is nothing less than perfect and a must-have with a creative and funny play of words. If you are someone who enjoys slight dark humor, then this is the perfect shirt for you. 

  • A Day Without Napping Probably Won't Kill, But Why Take The Chance.

Good sarcastic quotes on t-shirts can be hard to find. They can either be way too bland or a tad bit too much. However, we have found the perfect balance. This funny quote t-shirt is for anyone who is always sleeping. Get this for your sleepy friend, family member, or even yourself, and it will surely be a good conversation starter.

You can never go wrong with a funny quote about sleep, and this shirt did it the perfect way. So get your hands on this shirt right now!

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